We love to chase the dream projects

We pursue projects that require a high level of sophistication, skill, and intentioned execution. While we would unlikely use the words bespoke or boutique to describe our work, our sense of the value of craftsmanship would most certainly fall under that camp. We are Corey MacLennan and Daniel Burke, and we take pride in building every aspect of your home, using the best possible materials, and with an attention to detail not afforded by many contractors. Our relationship with you is of equal importance to the reverence we have for our work. It’s these two distinct philosophies that make Blueprint Construction a unique entity in Nova Scotia.

Our relationship with you is of equal importance to the reverence we have for our work.

What drives us

Our company has built a solid foundation of craftsmen who are passionate about building science and energy efficiency

Our primary focus is crafting new architecturally designed homes. By intentionally limiting our company’s size and choosing only the best projects, we attract and retain passionate staff, which translates into a customer experience unrivaled by the average custom home builder.

Over the last decade we’ve witnessed a boom in high end residential construction both within the Halifax Regional Municipality as well as the vacation communities along Nova Scotia’s South and Eastern shores. Blueprint Construction is at the top of the list for homeowners and architects who require:

  • a building firm that demands the use of the best materials and available technologies
  • a builder that is intimately involved with the project
  • a builder working on the cutting edge of energy efficient building methods and systems
  • And a builder that is as passionate about each project as our clients
  • An experienced builder who understands and has expertise in managing the client, architect and builder relationships

We strive to be considered as one of the top high end residential builders in Atlantic Canada.

Customer Philosophy

We don’t believe in sales speak or vapid statements. Therefore we prefer to outline what we offer our customers as straightforward as possible


We use a cost plus model of building that provides our clients with the most transparency and a clear value for money vantage point


We limit the number of projects that we accept in order to be fully present for our clients


Client communication is paramount — including regular project updates as well as clear documentation of change of project scope and budget updates


Our team of carpenters work for us because they love what they do. 90% of our staff are seasoned builders. We offer great learning opportunities to up-and-coming craftsmen who get to experience unique one-off projects and develop a passion for the craft of fine home building.


Daneil Burke and Corey MacLennan, principals of Blueprint Construction Ltd.

Corey MacLennan and Daniel Burke

After long individual careers in residential construction, Corey MacLennan and Daniel Burke came together to establish Blueprint Construction in 2016. They recruited staff who they knew and had worked with on previous projects. Early work consisted of large-scale renovations and new homes. Those soon transitioned to mostly new architectural homes— many of which are passive homes. Corey and Daniel have worked with the region’s leading architects and they designed Blueprint Construction to fill the gap required by home owners and architects who are searching for high performance, expert craftsmanship, and a level of communications not usually seen in the industry.